Cheese has been produced in the Netherlands since prehistorical times. Especially in the province Noord-Holland, which is best suited for dairy farming because of it’s wet soil. Until the nineteenth century, cheese was produced on farms; farmers specialized in dairying in order to supply city inhabitants.

Cheese Inn has been a family business since 1967. Over 48 years of experience in different sorts of cheeses and dairying. All the cheeses sold by Cheese Inn are made out of organic milk, produced by grazing cows eating fresh grass.

This delicious product produced by Cheese Inn are naturally ripened on wooden boards, the temperature in the warehouse goes along with the outside temperature to prevent less moisture in the cheese flavor. There is no air conditioning or humidifier used to regulate the process, all in favor of its natural way of ripening.

If you’re looking for some cheese-related adventures outside Amsterdam, Cheese Inn is frequently on different cheese markets in North-Holland, selling more then 100 different kinds of cheeses. Alongside with the best cheese cutters, knives, graters and cheese-pans.

So if you’re interested in experiencing all inclusive cheese experience, drop by one of our shops and shop some unique souvenirs and delicious cheeses.
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We sell ‘Boerenkaas’ (farmers cheese) in various flavors: such chili, pesto, nettle, Friesian clove, cucumber, Italian herbs, garlic, pepper, mustard, pumpkin seed / root, basil, thyme / honey, chili pepper etc. We also sell various goat and sheep cheeses.

Our aged cheeses are unsurpassed !! 12/24 or even 42 month long aged cheese!! The majority of our cheeses are North Dutch cheeses. These cheeses are of the very best quality.
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